Analysis of the Influence of Exports, Imports, and the Rupiah Exchange Rate on Indonesian Foreign Exchange Reserves Period 1990-2020


  • Risanti Fatma Junia Universitas Muhammadiyah Surakarta


The study was to analyze the impact of export, import and exchange rate toward Indonesia foreign exchange reserve during the 1990-2020 periods. According to its sources the type of data used in the study is secondary data obtained from the official Statistical Central Agency's Website and the World Bank. Simultanly, all the variables in the model analysis (export and exchange rate) are significant to the Indonesian foreign exchange reserve. The impact is partially indicated by the regression coefficient value of 0.801, which indicates that exports have a positive and significant impact on the 1990-2020 periodes. So does the regression coefficient value of exchange rate variable or rupiah exchange rate of 0.211 indicate that exchange rate has a positive and significant impact for Indonesia's 1990-2020 periods.